Forman Noster


Nosterland rises between forces far away from known latitudes ingrained in virtual reality… almost unaware of constructive systems, ecosystems or notions of time. Distant from real concerns that could eventuate the possibility of materialization and intersections between art, architecture and dreams, you might find similarities and attempts to draw lines between our work and our proposal with other uneventful propositions (existent or non existent labels like sea level rise, great pacific garbage patch, investment and property value, poverty, overpopulation or simply Newton’s cenotaph by Etienne-Louis Boullée).


We, the Forman Noster founders & Kinar Shapiro, work in between Mexico City and Sidney. If we were meant to meet at a midpoint, that would be just by the right of the International Date Line (IDL), not far from the French Polynesia. The IDL is an imaginary line that divides today from tomorrow and borders the Kiribati Archipelago. Hence, the future is eternally pushing Nosterland, just as Sisyphus is doomed to push a stone forever. It is present in a single moment: today. However, the foundation of Nosterland is more important than its location. 


The Nosterland project stands for all the ideals we have envisioned at Noster and Partners by building an urban model in the middle of the sea. This is the Nosterlandschaftsarchitektur, or the natural way of understanding construction and landscape on 3D modeling and virtual environments. We believe smart cities in the middle of the desert will fall into obvious problems which we, Forman Noster, refuse to address at this stage in this text. Can we propose, based on the enormous array of information gathered by NASA and Google, two veritable organizations that provide military and civilian control a different intention? This would be the one of converging. 


We wish to build a huge dome, using hurricane’s three dimensional models as guiding blue prints. This is a moment frozen in time, one that suggests we are not in control of nature but instead, we dare to tame it,  and day by day subvert to our own desires. Just as Hurricane Katrina landfall in Florida, Nosterland landfalls in Katrina.  An array of mechanized apparatuses will populate current un-populated waters to start gathering debris, tons and tons of debris. But with an array of drones and machines Nosterland will rise to be confused with Atlantis. In this sense,we grant extrusion to create a large collapse. The raise of Nosterland proposes no political, economic or social concern… It might be populated by ideas and will become a temple of those, with thousands of chapels destined for their display, indifferently from if they are great or not.